LotD 2: Wildflowers

Wildflowers headshot

Embryo has been one of my favorite sims to visit for quite some time. I like it for it’s solitude. Though it has changed quite a bit, it is still lovely.

The top that I’m wearing was intended as a dress, but I’m wearing it as a strapless top. It has a very soft leopard print and a prim ruffle over the bust.  I added the bolero from the same store (yummy). Also, do *not* forget to pick up these mesh glasses from Bitch. They look amazing and are only 1L.

Wildflowers at Embryo


  • Shirt: Pink prints ruffle dress by bubble
  • Shrug: Vintage painted bolero by bubble
  • Pants: Little Miss Sassy Pants in navy by Happy


  • Glasses: Mesh smoovies in black by Bitch/Bastard
  • Classic Literature Necklace (single) by Yummy
  • Earrings and bracelet: Wanderer in black by League

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