LotD 9: Cotton Candy

LotD 9: Cotton Candy

Though I like to challenge gender stereotypes on a regular basis, I can’t help the fact that I am *very* stereotypically girly. It creeps up on me at the most unexpected times and embarrasses me when I’m trying to be intellectual and sophisticated. It is the deep, dark secret of a cartoon fashionista who fancies herself a feminist philosopher in another life or in all lives. Maybe I should be more like Popeye, “I yam who I yam.”

Anyhow, I love this blue skirt. It is one of my favorite colors (I’m sure you’ll start seeing a pattern of pale bluish tones). It may be a system skirt (don’t groan at me) but it is beautifully made and looks amazing. I paired it with another top from Ingenue and belted it (of course, I did, I always belt things).

LotD 9: Cotton Candy

Clicky for the details:


  • Top: Wanda halter top in turquoise by Ingenue
  • Skirt: Pivoine skirt in Merle by Ingenue




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