LotD 14: Game Night

LotD 14: Game Night

Recently, I spoke with a friend I hadn’t spoke with in a long time. It was refreshing and a bit sad all at the same time, the way nostalgia always is. This is actually an old outfit that I used to hang out with him in, and I would be antagonized for being a child avatar. Apparently, if you aren’t hyper-sexualized in some areas of the grid then you must be a child. The frustration was enormous for someone who tries to pretend they’re asexual. ><

Either way, I love video games and I love geeks and gamers. It is amongst outcasts that I’ve often found myself most at home. This was, of course, when the term geek was not as socially acceptable as it is today and generally referred to a specific social awkwardness amongst gamers or artists or intellectuals.  This look is really more hipster than geek, taking geek icons and turning them into fashion.

LotD 14: Game Night



  • Belt: Gamer Belt by BROTHER (Marketplace)
  • WiiMote Necklace by VANTELLI (You’ll swear this is the wrong place, but I promise it is in there)
  • Candy Ring in Pink by Yummy


  • Hair: Velvet  in mahogany by Truth

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