Androgynous Series: 1

Androgynous Series: 1

When I started this blog, I promised a good friend of mine that I would attempt to regularly post some outfits that leaned towards androgyny. I was really excited about the concept, because of my background in gender studies but I’ve become a bit disillusioned with it. There are two really large stumbling blocks. The first major one being my own shortcomings. I failed to see how feminine I really am most of the time and it is really difficult for me to try to neutralize that. Secondly, the selection in SL is often very sexualized. Although, I have found some really quality pieces that I think will work. She isn’t completely androgynous but the idea is to neutralize her sexuality a bit more, but still maintain a sense of style.

Androgynous Series: 1


  • Shirt: My loose tees in bird grey by Milk Motion
  • Undershirt: Thermal Henley in navy by
  • Pants: Polar Jeans by Blitzed


  • Boots: Old Boy Unisex boots in Jeans by LPD
  • AITUI Mesh Stretched Ear solid 1″ plug



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