LotD 18: Neopolitan

LotD 18: Neopolitan

I apologize for my short absence. Mostly I was ill, then I was distracted. I, honestly, thought I had already posted this and just now realized I didn’t publish it. Oopsies. There has been a lot going on and a lot to catch up on. First, is the new Attic collection which has this beautiful mesh skirt. Be sure to stop by and pick it up. I love the thick stripes and it pairs beautifully with the Celoe corset.

Starting today is the Skin Showcase Event. It ends on June 10th, be sure to drop by and see what all those skin artists have been working on for us.

LotD 18: Neopolitan


  • Top: Clara Corset in deep by Celoe
  • Skirt: Colored pencil skirt by CM at The Attic
  • Shoes: Tribute in violet by N-core



  • Hair: Auralee in cocoa by Truth (without mesh attachments)



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