Color Challenge 22: Cobalt

I only do the color challenges randomly, but they are still fun. Here is my cobalt. The dress is from coldLogic and comes with a belt, but I replaced it with Nemesis’. Nemesis is closing for an indefinite period of time at the end of the month (if I recall correctly), so pick up anything you may need in the next day or so. I’m always finding accessories there that perfectly compliment my outfits.


  • Dress: Gish in blue/yellow by coldLogic
  • Leggings: Night Leggings in bamboo by Nemesis
  • Shoes: Basic flats in navy by


  • Belt: Paradise belt in beeswax by Nemesis
  • Earrings: Adorable earrings in bamboo by Nemesis
  • Bracelet: Forest bangles in coral by Nemesis


  • Hair: Jessie in coffee by Truth (group gift)
  • Lipstick: Crystal Lipstick 5 by Pekka


  • Alexia by Purple Pose at Zombie Popcorn

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