LotD 24: Sea Salt

My original intent was to accent this white dress with sparks of pretty pastels, but I just found myself layering shades of white.  I love the long, gauziness of the skirt and it reminds me of my warm, windy days on the boardwalk as a child. It is the kind of thing my mother would dress us in impractically. The hem would get all soppy wet in the surf and stained a pale sand. We didn’t mind though. Tripping along the shore, gathering up our skirts to make baskets for broken shells, lost trinkets, and sand crabs, these long white dresses weren’t impractical, they were perfect.

Credits soon.


  • Dress: Long dress by Amerie *new*
  • Shoes: Slink Ilena Sandals in Standard White *new*
  • Feet: Slink Mesh Feet


  • Necklaces: Vintage Necklaces by League
  • Bracelets: Vintage Lace Hand Bracelet by League
  • Wreath: Daydream flowers by fd at previous Collabor88


  • Hair: Abbey in White 05 by Elikatira
  • Lips: Flavour Lipstick in naturals 2 by Pekka

*Please see store directory for locations to all stores*

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