Androgynous Series: 3

This post was an extremely difficult one for me for some reason.  I knew I was overdue for an androgynous outfit and I simply couldn’t find something I was happy with. I finally came up with something but not after I had tossed out way too much money on things I didn’t like and wasted too much time on adjusting prims on thins that inevitably didn’t work.

In the end though, I do really like this look. However, be prepared to do a lot of prim adjusting and to be completely frustrated trying to get the shirt to fit underneath the jacket. The shirt is made for a man and the jacket for a woman, so you can see where the problem arises. But fuck them, I made it work. If you need help, dont be afraid to send me a message…and no, my messages never get capped. ><

P.S. I accidentally left my regular skin on while taking these pictures and was too lazy to reshoot. Let’s all pretend I don’t look all pinkish and blushy, mkay?

Now the important part:


  • Shirt: Homme checked BD Shirt in Blue by Pivaaca
  • Jacket: Porter Jean Jacket in Dark by mon tissu
  • Pants: Slim fit Chino by Adjunct
  • Shoes: All Stars 3.0 in Red by Hoorenbeek


  • Bag: Leather Messenger Bag in brown by HOC
  • Keychain: Key chain VIP member gift by kal rau
  • Bracelet: Akatonbo by Ronsem (group gift)


  • Hair: Ned in DBrown04 by Burley


  • Poses: Exposeur: That Boy @ The Men’s Dept.

*Please see store directory for locations to all stores*

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