LotD 33: Of Tea Time Revolutions

Not long ago, I was asked to dress as something that represented my country (the US). I didn’t want to dress in the colors or the flag or even swathed at the Statue of Liberty. I don’t think these things represent the U.S. well at all. They are such ambiguous representations. Instead, I dressed in rather casual clothes and sat my avatar down on the ground. She was a college student at a sit-in. My argument was that to dissent was American from the very beginning, from the Boston tea party to Vietnam protests, it is dissent and disagreement that is essential to the American ideal. So, here is another hippie, off to start another revolution, even if it is just an intellectual one.


  • Shirt 1: Layering Tank – Scoop in Gray by fri.day
  • Shirt 2: Last Thread Tank in White by Kyoot
  • Skirt: linen skirt in peacock by tram


  • Belt: Belt Black/White by Tea Time
  • Purse: Mom Fox Bag in sea green by Tea Time
  • Necklace: Seawood Necklace by Tea Time
  • Navajo Arrow Necklace by Magic Nook at The Dressing Room
  • Mouth: Dandelion by EY:NO
  • Glasses: Smoovies in Tortoiseshell by bitch


  • Hair: Brandy in sandlewood by Truth


  • Poses: aDorkable: Coy Dork Pack

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