MMMmmm…. delicious hair…

I finally made it to the hair fair. It was a bit of a lag fest but overall worth the trip. Here are a few of my favorites. I even branched out from elikatira (obviously my favorite brand). I chose  mixture of mesh and prim hairs. Though I absolutely love mesh hairstyles, I think prim hairs can still look lovely especially in shorter or updos where the don’t cut into the avatar.

Elikatira has a knack for making wearable hairstyles. By that I mean, hairstyles that I would actually wear in real life. I suppose that can be good and bad. Sometimes, in SL, we want to venture out of that but, personally, I love the naturalistic look of these hairs.

Elikatira Flattery @ Hair Fair

This pony has a small bun on the back for an added flourish. 🙂   It also comes with a cream floral headband that is (obviously) removable.

Exile Crush @ Hair Fair

I absolutely love this bun. Mostly because I love a good bun and a good updo. However, I have to provide a warning. If you cam too far out it disappears and when you cam back in it has to rerez. It is unfortunate. It doesn’t require much movement on your cam either. This also means that if someone moves too far away from you (and not very far away indeed) that the hair disappears for them). 😦

Epoque Stabilizer @ Hair Fair

This hair is fluffy and nice. I like the swoopy bang. It is old school prim done right.

Tameless Bethany @ Hair Fair

This hair was actually an old Collabor88 release that I missed (oh dear) and is now being rereleased. So, if any of you were unfortunate enough to miss it, make sure you snatch it up this time around. It is a lovely bun without the unfortunate side-effect of the epoque.

D!va Vivienne Style A @ mainstore

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