LotD 63: In Preparation of Winter

LotD 63

I took an unexpected sabbatical. However, I like to think that absence makes the heart grow fonder. You’re fonder, right?!
When I took these pictures, this coat from ColdLogic was new. It isn’t new any longer, but it is still gorgeous. Yesterday, they just released a bunch of new sweater dresses, one of which I will be blogging shortly. So, hop on down to their store and stay tuned. 🙂

LotD 63


  • Coat: Shreve in plum by ColdLogic
  • Shoes: Jazz Boots in Aubergine by Maitreya


  • Scarf: Stoke in pink by oyakin
  • Tights: Sheer Tights in eggshell by Izzie’s
  • Earrings: Simple Pearl Drop Set in White (earrings only) by Caroline’s Jewelry
  • Glasses: College Glasses by Fishy Strawberry


  • Hair: Girl*38 in Mocha by Dura
  • Lips: Kukla lips – 12 by Modish



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