LotD 79: Wintery Teal

LotD 79

These sweater tops are part of the new ColdLogic release. Stop by the store and check out the new full line. There are a few new skirts and many new tops to choose from. 🙂

LotD 79

clickety-click for the credits:


  • Top: Taylor in blue by ColdLogic
  • Skirt: High Waist Tweed Skirt in Midnight Pool by So Many Styles
  • Shoes: Mesh Jazz Boots in Snow by Maitreya


  • Tights: Sheer Tights in Aqua by Izzie’s
  • Necklace: Bizarre flower necklace by LaGyo
  • Purse: Nevada Bag in teal by Nemesis (temporarily closed)


  • Hair: Darya in Muted Ombre by LaViere (includes hat)


  • Poses: Exposeur

*Please use the Store Directory for all store landmarks.*

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