LotD 86: Just Peachy

LotD 86

I’m feeling peachy today because I bought these skirts from Cracked Mirror at FaMESHed. They are lovely and each skirt comes in three different belt color choices. I bought the fat pack. I’m not saying you should, or that you’ll regret it if you don’t, or that it is a better deal and you’re going to want all of them anyhow so you might as well do it. I’m just saying that *I* bought the fat pack.

LotD 86

Clickety-click for the credits:


  • Top: Mini Corset in Light Floral by Tee*fy
  • Skirt: Jackie Skirt in peach by Cracked Mirror
  • Shoes: Mary Jane Pumps in Sand by Leverocci


  • Bag: Parisian Romance Clutch Bag in White by Magic Nook at The Dressing Room Blue Fusion
  • Glasses: Four Corners Readers in Peach by mon tissu
  • Necklace: tente in pinks by je suis


  • Hair: Caramel in Red 05 by Elikatira


  • Poses: Exposeur

*Please visit the Store Directory for landmarks to all store locations.*

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