LotD 91: The benign indifference of the universe

LotD 91

Baiastice has recently released a few gowns that are simply beautiful. Be sure to check them out. Musely decided to dress a little darker than usual today and take the dress in a different direction. I hope you enjoy.

LotD 91

Click-click for the credits:


  • Dress: Qiobe dress in teal by Baiastice


  • Bracelet: Crossed bangle in black by mijn boutique
  • Earrings: Stretched Ears OMIMI by Mandala
  • Necklace: Neo Classicist Collar in Leather by epoque
  • Ring: Ketama by Maxi Gossamer
  • Cigarette: Cigarette Classic by NikotiN


  • Hair: Stabilizer by epoque
  • Tattoo: Kali Durga by Garden of Ku

*Please remember to visit the Store Directory for landmarks to all store locations.*

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