Triple Play: FANATIK leather mini

My first Triple Play was in September and I thought it would only be a LOTD that happened to feature three looks, but just recently I did another one and now I’m going to do it again. I think this is going to be a new category for two reasons: mostly because I enjoy it but equally important is because it exemplifies how versatile specific pieces are and, therefore, how useful they can be. When this happens, maybe you are more likely to see them on your own avatar rather than see them on my avatar all the time, which is really the point, isn’t it (I mean other than the beautiful pictures, which I’m getting to!)?

Triple Play: FANATIK leather mini

I have no idea what inspired this look. It is inexplicable, but wandering around FaMESHeD and l’accessoires must have been good for me because it resulted in this. Besides, who could resist this new hair from Taketomi?

Style Notes: The leather mini from FANATIK comes in an array of colors from pastels to the dark brown I’m wearing here. You’ll notice on the red one that Musey wears in the last photo that the stitching detail is just divine. It is these small, unnecessary but complimentary details that really make a product stand out. Furthermore, these heels from FANATIK come with a HUD to color change the studs from gold to silver and back again as many times as your (or my) indecisive heart desires (how did they get that many spikes on one shoe?!).

Also, this new hat is from l’accessoires. Get the fatpack. I’m not encouraging you this time; I’m demanding it. The fatpack is 800L and each single hat is 200L. The fatpack contains 8 hats. 8! You do the math on those freshly manicured hands of yours and get back to me on whether or not you bought the fatpack. 🙂

One more thing before we get on to the next picture (which I know is what you are really waiting for). This jacket by Valentina E. is lovely, yes, obviously but also sold separately is a dress which is just as lovely. Take a look. They’re both sold at FaMESHed (hurry before the next round sneaks up on you); they look great together.


Triple Play: FANATIK leather mini

Do not be appalled at my fashion judgement! Do not judge me! But…this jacket is not mesh, it is three prim pieces. I know what you’re thinking. I can see it in your eyes and tense lines around your lips but I have three excuses: it matches perfectly, it is cute, aaaaand it was only 100L.  XD

Style Notes: These shoes by JD are amazing. I know, I’ve blogged them before, but just in case you didn’t catch that post (I know you sit and wait at home refreshing my page for hours hoping for a new post but that is beside the point), these shoes come in a few fat packs and each fatpack comes with a HUD so you can change the color details on them. Also, you can remove the flower detail if you so desire. Oh, poor indecisive me.

Et nombre trois:

Triple Play: FANATIK leather mini

Finally, a cardigan. The staple of every wardrobe. In real life I love a cardigan–it is like comfort with buttons (so you don’t look too sloppy).  So, there is no reason not to love these cardigans from TokiD considering how well they’re made. Don’t look at me like that. I know they’ve been around for ages. Can’t I gush over something that I like even if it is old? Sheesh.

Actually, nothing in this outfit is particularly new (except the shoes which come from the new round of Zodiac). It is just a new spin on some old things in my closet. I like the idea of taking a leather mini skirt and tube top (items usually reserved for the club life) and making them casual and sweet.

Clickety-click for the credits:

Pose: Swayanimation

Outfit 1:


  • Top 1: Bustier in paisley grey by sur+
  • Top2: Basic cami in Brown by
  • Jacket: Bloused Sleeve Jacket in Chestnut by Valentina E at FaMESHeD
  • Skirt: Mini skirt leather in brown by FANATIK
  • Shoes: Pumps with spikes in Camel by FANATIK at FaMESHeD


  • Hat: Cashmere Tweed Cap in Brown by NYU at l’accessoires
  • Necklace: El Rosario by Shade Throne


  • Hair: Alena in Red05 by Taketomi
  • Skin: Maya in powder by Crush

Outfit 2


  • Top: Mini Corset in Dark Floral by Tee*fy
  • Jacket: Seam Detail Lambskin Jacket in Indian red by The Boutique at The Warehouse
  • Skirt: Mini skirt leather in black by FANATIK
  • Shoes: Greta in Suede by JD


  • Belt: Crocodile Thin belt in Silver by Leverocci
  • Necklace: Circa 1885 Necklace by Belgravia
  • Bracelets: Mess Bangles in Gold by EY:NO


  • Hair: Lover 2.0 by Epoque
  • Skin: Maya in powder by Crush

Outfit 3:


  • Top: Tube top in Brown by FANATIK
  • Cardigan: Summer Nights cardigan in flowers by TokiD
  • Skirt: Mini skirt leather in red by FANATIK
  • Shoes: Bae Kitten Heels in Earth by LVLE at Zodiac


  • Glasses: Quinton glasses in amber by ISON
  • Necklace: Reindeer Necklace by MONS (old hunt item)


  • Hair: Away in Red 05 by elikatira
  • Skin: Maya in powder by Crush

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