LotD 103: Pastel Sweet

LotD 103

Some more newness for my Bloglings! A little more VinCue and new Chandelle jeans. Please don’t dismay the Maitreya and Gos shoe Triple Play should still be coming soon. I’m off work and feeling bloggish!

LotD 103

Clickety-click for the credits:


  • Top: Knotty Mid Tank+Top in Plum by VinCue
  • Top 2: Basics – longshirt in lights cream by erratic
  • Pants: Skinny jeans #1 in blue/purple by Chandelle
  • Shoes: MaAutomneSoulier+Shoe in Plum by VinCue


  • Bag: owl bag in yello by TokiD
  • Hair Accessory: the Winking at You Head Bow in Small by Olive


  • Hair: Crystal Ball in Twix by lamb


  • Poses: aDorkable

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