Androgynous Series: 9

Androgynous Series: 9

Hewwo Bloglings! It is that time of the month again. No! Not my bitchy-I-need-chocoate-time-of-the-month. The time of the month when The Men’s Dept is about to open. I know you’re groaning at me and wondering what that has to do with you, but bloggettes never miss a moment to shop. And the Men’s Dept is another moment to do that. Also, with the opening of The Men’s Dept tomorrow comes this new coat from Villena, which comes with both a male and female version and also can be worth with or without the scarf. Now ask me again what the opening of The Men’s Dept has to do with you my lil bloglings? Exactly!

Also new from Villena are these pants, which also come in a male and female version. I love this stuff! 😀


Androgynous Series: 9

Clickety-click for the credits:


  • Coat: Coat in moss/dk brown by Villena at The Men’s Dept.
  • Top: basics – longshirt in dark brown by erratic
  • Pants: Tucked up jeans in cream by Villena
  • Shoes: Holbrookz by 2Real


  • Hair: Boy 31 in Mocha by Dura


  • Poses: Iruco

*Please visit the Store Directory for landmarks to all store locations. Any events are located on the events page. If anything is missing or incorrect please contact me by commenting on this post or messaging me in world. Thank you!*

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