Skin Fair Preview!

Bloggettes! Skin Fair is right around the corner. \o/

izzies asia composite

This is Izzie’s new Asia skin, which I am absolutely in love with. Isn’t is beautiful. Just look at the ginger, it is lovely. Starting from the top and going from right to left the colors are as follows: light, peach, medium, tanned, dark tan. As always these skins come fully loaded with tons of makeup layers for mixing and matching options on the lipsticks and eye shadows, and even a matching nail base.

Snow Rabbit composite

Here is the new mesh head by Snow Rabbit. It is also just beautiful. All the makeups are really light and pale and the face is very youthful. She also blinks and opens her mouth when she smiles to show her beautiful teeth. See below.

Snow Rabbit expressions

Aren’t her teeth perfect?

English Muffin Jakuri composite

Here is the new English Muffin called Jakuri. I think it is just perfect. This is tone 1 and it is beautiful, almost ethereal. All the makeups are (only a few of which are shown here) are very soft. The makeups each come on separate skins except a bunch of eyeliners which come on tattoo layers. It even come with prim teeth, tango appliers, and a tan tattoo in case you decide to go darker.

RUNA composite

The detail on the RUNA skin by Step Inside is just amazing. I love the lines around the eyes and the mouth. RUNA comes in the four tones shown here, starting from the top left and going clockwise, they are as follows: rosy-pale, normal, tan, and dark. RUNA comes with a plethora of lipstick, eye shadow, blush and even a freckle tattoo layer.

Rockberry composite

Paige by Rockberry is something that I would typically gravitate towards. The feature are gentle and the makeup is soft and pretty. Paige comes with a bunch of different makeup options on the skin and has freckles on every layer.

essences and skinnery

Then here are the new skins from Essences (Clover in beach) on the left and The Skinnery (Hope in bare-milk) on the right. The Essences fatpack comes with four makeup options on the skin as well as cleavage options, appliers, and blush tattoo layers. The Skinnery skin comes with a bunch of cleavage options on the skin and an extra blush tattoo layer.

I hope you lil bloglings have fun at the skin fair. Enjoy being pretty!


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