Pose Fair 4: Geek Love: What Next and EverGlow

what next picture this 3_001

Yet another Pose Fair post for you my little Bloggettes. I’m becoming rather fond of my male alt, doublethinker. I  may keep him around and use him more often on posts. However, his wardrobe is seriously lacking. I will have to peruse some male fashion blogs for help. If you have any suggections, please let me know!

This first post is a pose by What Next and comes with the camera pose prop. A few of these were released and they are all absolutely adorable. Also new is this cute loose owl tshirt from Admiral Spicy! You can’t see it in the photo, but he has a moustache, and everything is better with a moustache my bloglings.

EverGlow 25_001

This second pose is a cute pose from EverGlow. It just looks like they’re being so playful and having so much fun. 🙂

Clickety-click for the credits:

On Musey:


  • Top: Oversized Draped Tee in Owl White by Admiral Spicey!
  • Pants: simmonds trouser in plum by coldLogic
  • Feet: Barefeet in Flat by Gos Boutique


  • Bracelet: The Mr. Me Stashing by Olive
  • Glasses: Vintage Geek Glasses by Zanzo


  • Hair: Over in Brown 08 by elikatira
  • Skin: Essential Saga in 1.0 by Laqroki

On doublethinker:


  • Shirt: Comic Tee in Captain America by AITUI
  • Pants: Skinny Trousers in black by Iruco
  • Feet: Mens Natural Barefeet by Slink


  • Hair: Gosling 05 by Burley
  • Skin: Bennet Skin in ginger shade 3 by Fruk


  • Pose1: Camera Pose 3 by What Next
  • Pose2: Balls 25 by EverGlow

*Please visit the Store Directory for landmarks to all store locations. Any events are located on the events page. If anything is missing or incorrect please contact me by commenting on this post or messaging me in world. Thank you!*

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