LotD 132: Love over Sneakers

LotD 132

Bloglings! Another round of Collabor88 is upon us, and it is fabulous! So many goodies and even something wonderful from Kauna for the menfolk, or us ladyfolk pretending to be menfolk (I’m not here to judge bloglings, actually, I encourage and incite).  So, more about this cardigan and adorable geeky tee…the tee is interchangeable with other tees and extras can be purchased at the low cost of 88L. Buy them up, because they’re adorable in all their geekiness.

LotD 132

Clickety-click for the credits:


  • Poses: Gaze by Glitterati

On Muse:


  • Dress: First Date in Grey by Cynful at Collabor88
  • Shoes: Mesh Classic Sneaks in black by DECO


  • Glasses: Saria by K_gs
  • Necklaces: Robot dream Ride by Maxi Gossamer at Collabor88
  • Earrings: Basic Button earrings by MONS
  • Socks: Garter Socks in red by Izzie’s
  • Tattoo: Chibi Dreams by Vestigium


  • Hair: Boys&Girls 42 in Sienna by Dura
  • Skin: Asia Skin in Ginger Edition by Izzie’s

On doublethinker:


  • Cardigan: Argyle Cardigans by Kauna at Collabor88
  • Tee: Cardigan Extra T-Shirts Pack #1 by Kauna at Collabor88
  • Pants: Jeans trial ver. in black by D R O P at The Men’s Dept.
  • Shoes: Mesh Classic Sneaks in black by DECO


  • Glasses: Kip Glasses in black by BALACLAVA!
  • Necklace: Kin&Queen necklace by BALACLAVA!
  • Watch: Liberation clock by JP:dsg
  • Tattoo: <body> tattoo by AITUI


  • Hair: Gosling in Red05 by Burley
  • Skin: Bennet skin in Shade 3 Ginger by Fruk

*Please visit the Store Directory for landmarks to all store locations. Any events are located on the events page. If anything is missing or incorrect please contact me by commenting on this post or messaging me in world. Thank you!*

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