I don’t belong in the light anymore.

090514-02 (Edit 1)(Taken at Chouchou.)

I don't belong in the light anymore. (Outfit)

Clickety-click for the credits:


The Mesh Project – Deluxe body, Feet, and Hands
Exile – Rain
Trap – Black Riven Wing
Glam Affair – Cleo in America
Crash Republic – Gem Eyes in blue


FANATIK – Mikro Mini Skirt in Black
Dark Passions – Belted Bettie Top in Black Leather


aii – Royal Circlet in Onyx
DirtyStories – Emo Armband in Cross Black
Tabou IrresitibleĀ – Feet Chain Nail in Black (gacha)
PFC – Wheel Of Chaos
POMPOSITY – Padlocked Biker Belly Chain Belt

Primus – Targaryen Key Set (gacha)


F*cking Ninjas



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