Dancing on the edge of reality.

Hello, Bloggettes!

Today I have some goodness for you from Ilaya at The Thrift Shop. This cute top is super rich in color and comes with a color change HUD which also allows you to change the color and metal tone of the belt. You know how I love options. Also, there is this beautiful necklace by lassitude and ennui coming up soon at The Secret Affair. It is absolutely gorgeous and dripping in detail and it is moddable! So, I color tinted it to match the threads. I love designers who let me color tint (remember to select face).

Dancing on the edge of reality.

This photograph was taken at The Sea of Cubic Dreams, an absolutely lovely art installation. It is all over the blogs lately and I had to snap myself there, because it is quite beautiful. You should stop by and play around with the cubies, some of them are moveable. I even stood on one to take a photo and it sunk into the water. 🙂

Dancing on the edge of reality. (Outfit)


Clickety-click for the credits, my little bloglings:


TheMeshProject – Deluxe Body, hands and feet
(red)Mint – Hair No, 24’14 in BlueBlack
Glam Affair – Artemis in Jamaica 02
Buzzeri – Celestial Eyes in Sapphire


Ilaya – Madoka Jersey 1 at The Thrift Shop (Open now!)


Mandala – Polly Bracelet in Black
Lassitude & Ennui – Lethe Necklace in Black (color tinted) at The Secret Affair (Opens Sept. 15th)

Musa – Fantasy Pose 78 (in first photo)
D.Luxx Poses – Defy 4(in second photo)

The Secret Affair September Round

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