My new minion.

Bloglings! Mystic Realms Faire opens tomorrow. Please get some rest to be prepared because it is two full sims of fantasy goodness coming your way. So many lovely things.

My new minion.

Photo taken at Matoluta Sanctuary with my good friend, Kennef Riggles in his orc avie.

Succubus (closeup)

The iron bra and panties are being released at MRF by Kio and are really beautifully made. They also come with a HUD for some option on color.


Clickety-click for all the details, my little bloggettes:


Plastik – Fauxe Makeup in Victorian Ember
Buzzeri – Sophia Eyebrow
WowMeh – Mesh Body (No longer available)
Plastik – Chrysophylax Horn in Pitch at Mystic Realms Faire (LM TBA)
Magika – No
SLink – Avatar Enhancement Hands
europa – Tattered Shryke Wings (tinted)
Souzou Eien – Inner Flame in Red at Mystic Realms Faire
Glam Affair – Neva in Horror Edition 03


Maitreya – Thigh High Boots in Black Gold Snake
Kio – Lil Succubus in Onyx at Mystic Realms Faire


MUKA – Nasla Cuff – Wrist Right
DirtyStories – Dangerous Girl in Dirty
DirtyStories – Emo Armband – Key black (gacha)
Plastik – Chrysophylax Shoulder Dragon at Mystic Realms Faire
Cheeky – Belly Chain! in Black
Peqe – Gorget Collar in Onyx at Mystic Realms Faire
LR Weapons – Oberon Staff at Mystic Realms Faire

Poses and Props:

Photo 1: F*cking Ninjas’ – A Pet
Photo 2: Picture This! Poses – The Magi (Orb does not come with poses, it is custom made) at Mystic Realms Faire
Photo 3: Ma Vie – Heavely Creatures at Mystic Realms Faire

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