…and they say they don’t believe in fairy tales anymore.

A darker post for Halloween. You know I love fairies bloggettes, but I decided to do a darker fairy. In lore, fairies are rarely cute and sweet. At best, fairies are mischievous but usually they are downright vicious. Recap fairies have metal boots with which they stomp their victims to death. They then proceed to dip their hats int he blood of their victims which sustains their own life. Once the blood on their cap dries, the fairy dies. So, bloody photos! Yay!

...and they say they don't believe in fairy tales anymore.

Photograph taken at Toxian City.

The best part of this outfit are the heels by Deathrow Designs. They are beautifully detailed, and Jaimy created a special Halloween blood splattered version which is very well textured (like everything she creates). So, here is my homage to these heels:

DRD Special Whore Heels

Clickety-click for the credits, my little bloglings:



Illusions – Apsara Wings
LaViere – Darya in JetBlack
Slink – Physique and AvEnhance Hands and feet
Glam Affair – Elvi in Fairy 06
Imabee – The Mistress Eyes at Cosmetic Fair
Ama – All Over Blood Splatter


Forever Young – Lacey Mini
Just Design – Gwen Bra at Mystic Realms Faire
Deathrow Designs – Whore Heels V2 in Bloody Black
The Forge – Strapped Harness in Black at Mystic Realms Faire


Bloody Kitchen Knife here
Izzie’s – Blood Dripping Eyes (Group Gift for October)
Pixel Geek – Leg Heart Chain in Black Metal
The Forge – Medieval Collar in Grey at Mystic Realms Faire
Pure Poison – Manna Arm Armor in Black
Haste – Three Belly Chains in Hematite



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