The woodcutter’s daughter.

The woodcutter's daughter. 1

I spent some time at Frisland today and it is an absolutely lovely Autumnal sim. I spoke briefly with the owner and he was very kind and gracious. It is always a pleasant surprise when a beautiful sim and a kind owner come together. So, please, stop by and explore the idyllic lands and drop a little linden in the donation jar, if you find that your time was well spent.

The woodcutter's daughter. 2

Also, Mystic Realms Faire closes in just a couple days. If you haven’t been (and I’m sure you have, if I know you bloggettes), stop by because there are so many wonderful things like this GField dress, which is absolutely adorable, and completely necessary for any elven maiden.

The woodcutter's daughter. (Closeup)

Clickety-click for the credits, my little bloglings:


Glam Affair – Cleo in America 03
Essences – Freckles Type B
CheerNo – Freckles Soft
Illusions – Sprite Ears
Exile – Pick Up Lines
SLink – Physique and AvEnhance Hands
Crash Republic – Gem Eyes – Blue


GField – Elwyn Outfit in Milk Tea at Mystic Realms Faire
Just Design – Ara in Ecru


Zenith – Grape Leafs Corolla
Empyrian Forge – Reverie Starlight Necklace at Mystic Realms Faire
Noodles – Norah Bracers in Brown
Ginger Line – Logs Carrier

Poses and Props:

Focus Poses – Horse Girl 2
!bang – Stands 300-309

Taken at Frisland


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