Bathed in light, she walks in darkness.

Bathed in light, she walks in darkness.

So bloggettes, Fantasy Gacha Carnival is still open and you simply *must* play for this Alchemy Magi outfit. It is absolutely lovely. Admittedly, there is a small weird hole on the bum, but I still absolutely love it. Try the demo to make sure it isn’t a deal breaker for you.

A moment of thought before action.

And I would be the worst blogger in existence if I didn’t mention these wings from Miamai at We ♥ RP. They are absolutely beautiful and come in silver and gold and a HUD for tons of options on each. you can also get a matching breastplate (not shown here).

Battle Fairy

I am serious, bloglings, you need these wings.

Clickety-click for the credits:


The Mesh Project – Body, Feet, Hands
Damselfy – Zendaya
Buzzeri – Sophia Eyebrow in Black
Miamai – BattleFairy Wings in Silver at We ♥ Roleplay (Tinted to match)
Glam Affair – Artemis in Europa – 03 A
#adored – Unreal Eyes in Candy


Alchemy – The Magi Top in Shadow at Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Alchemy- The Magi Bottom in Shadow at Fantasy Gacha Carnival


On a Lark – Gem Bracers
Illusions – Angelus Sword (Tinted to match)
Luas – Ophelia Bracelet (Tinted to match)
Luas – Ophelia Pauldron (Tinted to match)
Keystone – Corva in Silver/Silver (Tinted to match)


Del May for second photo
Grafica for first and third photo


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