Super Villain in Training

Just a quick little post here with some cutieness. I apologize that it has been so long. December is the most difficult time of the year for me, but I am working through it. Thanks for your understanding and support.

Super Villain in Training

Clickety-clickclick for the credits:


Belleza – Venus
Magika – Visit
Glam Affair – Cleo in America
IKON – Lucid Eyes in Dew


Celoe – Lolong Trousers in Tapa
Cynful – Shruggable
Just Design – Cult in Lacquered Black


Epoque – Farfalle Bowtie in Rhubarb
HopScotch – How to blow up a Planet (Gacha Rare)
C’est la vie! – Eraser Tipped Pencil in Orange (Xiasumi School Gift)
mon tissu – Four Corners Readers in Black
GATO – Uncle Bosom (Gacha) at Gacha Mania

Props and Poses:

oOo Studio – Paulina
Pilot – Traveler’s Map 1
Refined Wild – Magician’s Texts – Book Pile
MacBain – Bomb

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