Defying Gravity.

I know you were pondering the other day (just as I was), “Why is there not more cyberpunk gear in SL? It doesn’t make sense with the vast number of geeks that hang out here.” But fear not, my little geeklings, FutureWave is here!

Defying Gravity.

Clickety-click for the credits:


Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
elikatara – Early (No Longer Available)
Glam Affair – Ellie in Artic 03


MUKA – Qween
Anachron – HoverShoes at FutureWave


Anachron – Harmonic Helmet at FutureWave
Neurolab Inc. – Bee Pet
R3volt – Minako Arm Warmers

Pose and Props:

Pose: Nantra – Defying Gravity at FutureWave
Spherethings by Chariot in the RetroFuture Prefabs pack at FutureWave
Stuck – HoloBox at FutureWave

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