They told her the forest was no place for nobility.

They told her.

So many events going on right now! We ♥ RP is in its final throes, Fantasy Gacha is still going strong, and Shiny Shabby just started today. Bloggettes, you need to get out there and find cute things!


Clickety-click for the credits, bloglings:


Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
SLink – Avatar Enhancement Hands
Glam Affair – Jamaica 05 A at Shiny Shabby
Tableau Vivant – Shabby hair at Shiny Shabby
Soul – Uni Ears – Dobby at We ♥ RP
Una – Arhi Little WIngs at Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Buzzeri – Celestial Eyes – Lavender


May’s Soul – Madonna Dress – Lila at We ♥ RP


aisling – Dangara Collar and Neckace at Fantasy Gacha Carnival
ieQED – Jessi Rings in Copper at Shiny Shabby
Kibitz – Elia Arm in Gold at Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Lumae – Pearl Head Chain in Gold at We ♥ RP
Reverie – Dirty Glass Bracelet in Gold Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Pose: !bang

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