She enchanted a whole forest.

We ♥ RP closes soon! I fashioned this whole post around this beautiful tree back tattoo by PMS at this round. So, if you haven’t snatched it up, yet…hurry!

She enchanted a whole forest.

Clickety-click for the deetz, my lil bloggettes.


Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body and Hands
Mandala – Pierced Elf Ears
Oleander – Bennet in Eden
alter ego – Honey tone (Wearing Kensi, but can’t see face)
PMS – Tree of Growth Back Tattoo at We ♥ RP


Soedara – Here Comes Wicked Corset
Soedara – Here Comes Wicked Skirt


SSD – Fae Belts in Bronze (Old Gacha)
Severed Garden – Cali Arm Vines (From Cali outfit)
Eldritch – Lambentea Staff

Pose: My own.


Looking at an old blog post? Is the event over or the landmark out of date? No problem! Go to the menu and find the Stores page in the upper right-hand corner. Here is a list of all  the stores I have blogged. I have their blog and flickr linked if I was able to find them. The landmark or marketplacet is also linked. Most importantly, I have the name of the creator listed. When in secondlife. search for the name and they should have an updated landmark in their profile picks!

You can also find a list of events, sorted by how often they recur with fairs at the bottom. Also! Some of my favorite blogs and production companies are found on the Blog Roll. I am sorry, the places page is in dire need of an update. >.<

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