A Long Night – The Secret Affair, The Epiphany, Genre, and Hair Fair

She was a creature of the night, always drifting into the shadows. Darkness had become her friend; it beckoned her. The shadows broke across the pale surface of her skin; they were a part of her and yet so very distinct from her. Her strength was in her ability to kill. Efficient death – swift and painless. Her weakness was in the blanket of guilt that shrouded her, enveloped her. But an assassin does what she must.
A long night.
Bloglings! So many events are going on right now it is overwhelming. There is the new Epiphany event which had an intriguing gacha system that allows you to redeems extra/unwanted items. The Secret Affair opened with tons of awesome things and HAIR FAIR! The Hair Fair guide is here.
A Long Night - Detail
Also, this skin is from Lumae at Genre and is only 100L, including a slew of appliers. No, like every fuckin’ applier you could ever think of. I’m serious. Think of one. Yep, it is in there.


Clickety-click for the credits:


The Mesh Project – Babydoll Head
Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
Lumae – Varda at Genre
Phoenix – Roxane Hair at Hair Fair
Things – Maeva Tattoo


The Forge – Drunna Chest Piece at The Secret Affair
Fanatik – Mikro Mini Skirt in Black


Kibitz – Alicia Belt in Obsidian at The Epiphany
Kibitz – Alicia Headdress in Obsidian at The Epiphany
Kibitz – Alicia Armlet in Obsidian at The Epiphany
May’s Soul – Shield and Spear at The Secret Affair
Plastik – Tehgrius Bracer at The Secret Affair

Pure Poison – Lucretia Sandals at The Secret Affair

Poses and Props:

Del May – Composed (First photo)
Everglow – Flora (Second Photo)

Photo take at Blithe.

Looking at an old blog post? Is the event over or the landmark out of date? No problem! Go to the menu and find the Stores page in the upper right-hand corner. Here is a list of all the stores I have blogged. I have their blog and flickr linked if I was able to find them. The landmark or marketplace is also linked. Most importantly, I have the name of the creator listed. When in Secondlife, search for the name and they should have an updated landmark in their profile picks!

You can also find a list of events, sorted by how often they recur with fairs at the bottom. Also! Some of my favorite blogs and production companies are found on the Blog Roll. I am sorry, the places page is in dire need of an update. >.<


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