Down the Rabbit Hole – The Kawaii Project, Hair Fair, Wayward Carnival

Hello Bloglings! I absolutely love Alice in Wonderland, as cliche as that may be. The word and logic games are terribly fun and it has such a cute cult culture following. Also, the concept of wonderland seems so terribly relevant to SecondLife itself, where things sometimes only make sense within this sphere.

Down the rabbit hole.

So, this round of the Kawaii Project is Wonderland themed. And one of my favorite items this round is a hair with ears from LCKY. I am actually wearing another hair with the ears in this photo, but the set is really lovely. And the ears! They come with an up and down version, and a pierced and non-pierced version. So many options!

I am wearing a lovely tousled hair from Tableau Vivant, which was released at Hair Fair. Hair Fair ends on the 26th, so get your junk together and hop over there if you haven’t already. Stop by each shop and click on the 10 for a giftie from the merchant.

Hop, hop, hop!    There is also this really cute dress from le fil casse at Kawaii. I like that it is really cute but not too lolita-eque. It is really difficult to find a lovely color tattoo, but antielle does work. I have this one that I found at Kawaii below and I also photograph another one last week for my flickr was was quite lovely. Tea?
Clickety-click for the credits, mah lil bloggettes!



Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
The Mesh Project – Soft Head
Pink Fuel – Doll V2
Exile – Tea Time (includes Tea Cup)
antielle – Curioser & Curioser at The Kawaii Project


le fil casse – Queen of Hearts Dolly Dress in Alice Blue at The Kawaii Project
The Secret Store – Polka Tights
fri. – Betty Janes


Altair – Drink Me Necklace at The Kawaii Project
Mandala – Onigiri Necklance in Silver
the sugar garden – Prissy Ruffle Sock (Cuff only)
mon tissu – Four Corners Reader in Peach (store closed)


White Rabbit:


Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
The Mesh Project – Babydoll Head
Lelutka – Dakota Hair at Hair Fair
LCKY – Oreille de Lapin at The Kawaii Project


BOOM – Sixty-Two Jacket in Blush
Mutresse – Lana Shorts
Le Forme – Mizaki Lace Stocking in White Bow


Essences – The Essence of a Time Traveler
mon tissu – Four Corners Reasders in Blue (store closed)

Poses and Props:

Dust Bunny – Book Pile
anc – Garden Book
anc – Cotton Bunny at Wayward Carnival
ISPACHI – Duxbury Teacup and Teapot
Apple Fall – Lemon Tea

Pose 1 – !bang
Pose 2 – Ilaya – Annabella Poses at Cosmopolitan Showroom
Pose 3 – !bang – Fresh

Looking at an old blog post? Is the event over or the landmark out of date? No problem! Go to the menu and find the Stores page in the upper right-hand corner. Here is a list of all the stores I have blogged. I have their blog and flickr linked if I was able to find them. The landmark or marketplace is also linked. Most importantly, I have the name of the creator listed. When in SecondLife. search for the name and they should have an updated landmark in their profile picks!

You can also find a list of events, sorted by how often they recur with fairs at the bottom. Also! Some of my favorite blogs and production companies are found on the Blog Roll. I am sorry, the places page is in dire need of an update. >.<

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