Strange Thoughts – My Public Space

Hello again, bloglings. Unfortunately, my account multimuse has been broken for almost a month now. The original ticket was opened on March 4th. So, it has felt like being in limbo. Apparently, tech is still working on the ticket. At this point, I am waiting for a response from the engineers, because she is totally fucked. How long it will take to receive this response, is unknown. Until then, I can only wait without receiving any updates on the matter, unless I open a chat specifically.

Anyhow, what all of this means is that I do no have access to my inventory. So, I am doing what I can in the meantime. When this occurred, I was in the process of setting up a new build for Strange Thoughts. Right now it is this scifi build, of which I hope you enjoy the snaps. It is a public build, and you are welcome to visit here.

When creating this build, I imagined a nerd in the future. So, there is tons of tech, new and old mixed together. There is also bits of food stuffs, left behind by someone deep in thought, lost in her own mind-or just distracted by a shiny new game. I really hope you enjoy the build. It will be changing shortly. So, stop by while you can.

040116-04 (Edit 1)

This is my alt Passé; I always try to make her look a little bit futuristic. 040116-02 (Edit 1)

Here is the full build. It is from Fanatik040116-03 (Edit 1)

The Control Room.040116-06 (Edit 1)

A nerd’s workspace.

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