Waiting – Collabor88, Hairology, Cosmopolitan

People knew her at the best hotels in the most beautiful cities of the world. She was known for her beautiful face and smoldering eyes, and even more so for the wealthy man’s arm whom she inevitably adorned.

However, despite all the accommodations that wealth can afford, she almost always remained in the room. She waited for her wealthy benefactor to return, to hold her, to bring her expensive gifts, to use her as she used them. Never did she leave and she only ordered room service when required. She hated the eyes of disdain. The staff all knew what she was, just as she knew what she was. And those eyes, which pried and begged for answers, those eyes which wondered how she could sell herself in such a manner, those eyes begged questions she didn’t want to answer. But she already had the answer deep inside, hiding in a trove she dare not search out. When you have nothing, when you’re starving in the streets, why not sell the one thing you have of value for the luxury of silk sheets?

Those prying eyes told her the same thing she had already known, had been told her whole life. Her beauty was the only thing of value, and she sold it at an exorbitant cost.

051116-03-1 (Edit 1).png

There are three anniversary/birthday events this month. So, don’t forget to stop by FaMESHed, Chapter 4, and We Love Roleplay to pick up your gifties!

This round of Collabor88 is lovely; the theme is New Americana, which seems to translate into some lovely bohemian items. Apple May Designs is a guest designer and they released this lovely bra and panties set. It comes in Maitreya, SLink Physique and Hourglass, and Belleza Freya and Isis Sizes.

I also picked up these amazing shoes by R.icielli at the Cosmopolitan Showroom, which come with an amazing color changing HUD for all the different parts. While you’re there, Breathe also has some beautiful shoes out.

051116-05 (Edit 2).png

I don’t often wear Emo-tions hair. I can’t seem to find a shade that I like to wear on a regular basis with them. However, this hair released at Hairology was the inspiration for this whole post. It is so glamorous

Clickety-click for the deetz:

Avatar and Body:

Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body*
Lelutka – Simone Mesh Head
Glam Affair – Triss**
Emo-tions – Jaily at Hairology***
IKON – Triumph Eyes

Clothes and Accessories:

Apple May Designs – Hannah at Collabor88
R.icielli – Zara Heels at Cosmopolitan Showroom
Yummy – Layered Chain Choker at Collabor88

Poses, Props, and Location:

Pose by oOo Studio (modified)
Taken at Corruption

*You notice that I am always using a mesh body these days? Notice that all the chatter in SL is about mesh bodies and mesh heads? Want to get one of your own but don’t know where to start? I made a shopping guide about them, it can explain some of the basic concepts behind a mesh body, how to use it, and why you might want one (or ten) for yourself! Right here! Still need more information? Want reviews and endless reams of lists for your aresenal of mesh body love? Check out the Mesh Body Addicts blog. It is a wealth of information.

**Skin Addiction is a great resource for all your skin updates in a single space. Don’t forget to check the blog for my weekly roundup posts and join the group for the most helpful SLers in all of SL.

***Love hair? Of course, you do. Want to be updated on all hair news? (The correct answer is yes). Then stop on my the Hair SL blog and don’t forget to join their in-world group for notices.

Looking at an old blog post? Is the event over or the landmark out of date? No problem! Go to the menu and find the stores page in the upper right-hand corner. Here is a list of all the stores I have blogged. I have their blog and flickr linked if I was able to find them. The landmark or marketplace is also linked. Most importantly, I have the name of the creator listed. When in SecondLife, search for the name and they should have an updated landmark in their profile picks!

You can also find a list of events, sorted by how often they recur with fairs at the bottom. Also! Some of my favorite blogs and production companies are found on the Blog Roll.



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