The Morrigan – We Love Roleplay and Chapter 4

The austerity of her facial features, the hardness of its lines, and cruelty of her stark brows were, in a strange way,  tempered by her ease of movement. A skirt slung loosely around slim hips which swayed around her feet and whispered softly against the ground. Even the solid steal flail hung precariously across delicate shoulders swung at her side as if it were a delicate glass bauble not an instrument of harsh brutality. Dark wings hung behind her; the glossy, inky feathers matched the raven which perched on the handle of her flail.

A softness resonated in her eyes, contradicting the harshness of her cheekbones and jawline. Those eyes burned with a warmth of compassion and understanding that her victims did not expect. When she passed over battlefields to choose those to take and those to leave behind, when people wounded and weary from battle, gazed about and saw her face, they did not expect the depth of compassion and concern in her eyes. And when they begged her for more days, more days to struggle for causes in which they believed, more days to win victoriously against their foe, more days to be able to march home with their fellow warriors, they did not expect to see tears gather at the corner of those vermilion eyes, and run in rivulets along her cheeks. But her task was not one she chose, and the powers and balance of life and death was not something within her grasp. She was but a servant, a minion, to forces much greater than she. It was a burden which rested heavily along her shoulders and deep inside of her heart. It was a burden which seemed much too heavy for someone of her slight build, but which she carried with an unexpected ease.

061816-06 (Edit 3).png

Hello, bloglings! WLRP is still open and sYs released this beautiful feather collar which is fitted for mesh bodies. They also have a matching, high-waisted,  feathered miniskirt, which I am not wearing. It comes in two cloth versions black and brown, and each comes with a  HUD for changing the texture on the feathers. Chapter 4 also opened earlier this month and with it Storybook released this perfect skirt. I have a love for floor length, bohemian skirt. This one is perfect. For me, it is where is rests along the hips that is EVERYTHING and this one is slung just low enough. So, if you passed over this simple but versatile piece, go back. Go back, now.

Clickety-click for the deetz:

Avatar and Body:

Lelutka – Lotte Mesh Head*
Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body**
SLink – Avatar Enhancement Hands in Elegant
Pink Fuel – Sora in Alabaster***
Olive – The Chelo Hair****

Clothes and Accessories:

sYs – Isis Collar in Black at We Love Roleplay
Storybook – Swish at Chapter 4
Formanails – Rings in Black
Remarkable Olivion – Eternity Wings in Carnal
Tabou Irrisistable – Punisheer Stick Ball in Black (Old Gacha)
Shade Throne – El Rosario (Closed Store)

Poses and Props:

Axix – Lady Crow (This is a pose set, but I only used the crow and re-positioned it.)

Location – Voile

*I am always wearing full mesh anymore and I love the variety of mesh heads thees days. Today, I am wearing an older Lelutka head called Lotte. It is beautifully rendered. If you’re new to mesh heads or new to Lelutka, you may want to look at Strawberry Singh’s original post about these heads.

**You notice that I am always using a mesh body these days? Notice that all the chatter in SL is about mesh bodies and mesh heads? Want to get one of your own but don’t know where to start? I made a shopping guide about them, it can explain some of the basic concepts behind a mesh body, how to use it, and why you might want one (or ten) for yourself! Right here! Still need more information? Want reviews and endless reams of lists for your arsenal of mesh body love? Check out the Mesh Body Addicts blog. It is a wealth of information.

***Looking for a new skin? Want to switch up your look? Skin Addiction is a great resource for all your skin updates in a single space. They also have an in-world group full of amazingly friendly and helpful people.

****Love hair? Of course, you do. Want to be updated on all hair news? (The correct answer is yes). Then stop on by the Hair SL blog and don’t forget to join their in-world group for notices.

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