On the prevalence of evil. – Enchantment

“No man chooses evil because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness, the good that he seeks.” – Mary Shelley in Frankenstein

081916-06 (Edit 1)

I haven’t had enough time to write stories lately, bloggettes. However, I don’t want you to worry, when I have time again those will return. I’m just happy to be able to show you all the new things at Enchantment this month. It is Wizard of Oz themed and pretty much amazing. Dead Dollz released this very nice little black dress with Maitreya fits. And Static has a hair gacha with flying monkey accessories! Of course, Cole’s Corner released some more magically sparklies which are always fun. ❤

081916-07 (Edit 1)

Clickety-click for the credits, mah lil bloglings:

Avatar & Body:

Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
Catwa – Bibi Head
Pink Fuel – Drow
S0ng – Chibi in Abyss Eyes

Clothing & Accessories:

Dead Dollz – Wicked Dress at Enchantment
Cole’s Corner – Ruby Hand FX at Enchantment
Mello – Monkey Girl Ears, Wings, and March Hat, and Hair at Enchantment (Gacha)
Lemon Tea – Short Hair Neko Tail
aii – Lachesis Arm Threads (gacha)
Evermore – Scythe Rune

Poses & Props:

Static – Wicked Hourglass at Enchantment
Nantra – Defying Gravity Poses
Picture This! – Maji Poses
Taken at Them by Cica Ghost (Closing soon.)







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