So, you want to be an elf?

ears swallow pixlr edit 3.png

Helloooo, my lil bloglets! I have been waiting for Shiny Shabby to open since Swallow released the concept art for their new elf ears. And now I have them and they are so beautiful and elegant. They have such a lovely shape and so many nice options. Below is a photo of the HUD, which the creator had on her blog.


As you can see, there are lots of tattoo options. My favorite is the elven script, which I use in the photo. There are, however, no piercings or jewelry.

So, while I was looking at my new beautifully shaped elven ears, I began pondering the extensive nature of my ear collection. It sounds much more macabre than it is. Anyhow, I thought about all the times people ask me about elven ears and my opinions and where to get nice one. So, because I’m sooo magnanimous and helpful, I decided to dedicate a whole post to my elf ear collection.

Yay, pointy ears!


These cute lil nubbin’ ears are from Aitui. They’re adorable, and have a more contemporary twist with the piercings. These are the only elven shaped ones from Aitui I own. They make a longer elf ear and some other nubbins, but all their ears have plugs and piercings. If you’re more of a rounded ear kinda bloke, they have those also. You can flip through their flickr to see all the ears they offer here. Below is the HUD. You can see it offers color options for the plugs, piercings, and tattoos.  aitui hud collage.png


These are the Bentbox ears. I absolutely love them. They have an excellent shape, the options for these fantasy piercings but only more contemporary piercings. Applier compatible for both color and tattoos. AAAAAAND bloglings, they are animated. You can see a post full of my initial excitement when I first purchased them at WLRP here. The post has photos of the HUD as well as a gif of the animations.


Illusions (in the photo both above and below this paragraph) were my first elf ears. They are older and more difficult to edit and tint, but they are beautiful. If you’re looking for a dramatic shape, these are it for you. You can purchase jewelry addons, but they are not rigged to the ears, so you’ll have to edit them into place. There are no tattoo options either. Just plain but beautifully shaped elven ears. But goddammit who needs all the addons with cartilage like this?!


I know what you’re thinking bloglings. Yes, these ears are glorious, but we still must move on.


These are the Logo ears that were released a month or two ago at the MBA fair. They are specifically made to go with the Logo mesh head, but they also have rigged versions to wear with other heads and even an unrigged version, if you can’t get the rigged ones quite right. They’re nice, they’re simple, and they’re animated. I found it a bit difficult to tint them to the really fair skin I was wearing, but they are applier compatible, if you can find someone making them. If you wear them with the Logo head, the animations correspond to the Logo animations, which is pretty funtastic.


These are the Mandala ears. They also have a pierced version, which is more contemporary. I love these feather and beaded earrings and the metallic tinted tips. They’re super easy to edit and tint. For your HUD viewing pleasure.

mandala hud collage.png

In short, these are some of my go-to ears. Along with the others that I’m about to show you.


These are Mandala‘s Steking Season 5. They are a great deal, because they come with three shapes. Human, Pixie, and Elven. They also have two sets of piercings, the studs here and the hoops below on the pixie version.


You know you love these nubbins. ❤ Some more sexy HUD viewin’:



Soul have pretty amazing ears for reasons. One, people make appliers for them. This means, less skin matching. Also, they come is so many shapes. You really need to stop by the store and look them over. I have a few dramatic shapes (above and below this paragraph), but there are also smaller and more elegant shapes, along with some mer shapes.




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