Super Duper Beginner Mesh Head Videos!

Super Duper Beginner Mesh Head Videos!

Some of you may have seen me around. I help mod the Mesh Body Addicts group, which is a super helpful group about mesh bodies and body parts. I also spend a lot of time in other groups like the Catwa head group, etc. I love to help and exchange information. They are fun groups to be in.

Being in those groups, especially mesh head groups, I have noticed quite a few people ask for more basic videos about mesh heads. So, I have created my first two tutorial videos ever. 😀 I hope you enjoy them and learn something.

This video covers what is in your mesh heads box, how to wear it, and how to change the skin/what a skin applier is.

Catwa – Bibi Mesh head (at the beginning)
Catwa – Gwen Mesh Head (used later)
Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
Pink Fuel – DollV2 Skin
Buzzeri – Celestial Eyes
ISON – Quinton Glasses
Tram – C407 Hair
ISON – Wrap Off Shoulder Sweater at Uber

This video reviews more skin changing and how much a skin can affect the way your mesh head looks, and changing the shape of your head using your SL shape sliders.


Catwa – Gwen Mesh Head
Exile – Hearts Don’t Break Even Hair
Buzzeri – Celestial Eyes
Yummy – Eclat Necklace

Skin Appliers Used throughout demo:

Pink Fuel – Doll V2
The Skinnery – Soojin
The Skinnery – Estee
Atelier Pepe – Anna
Izzie’s – Brooke Wounded Angel at Uber

Looking for more information? Looking for reviews? Looking for skin, appliers, clothing, a nice support system, and world peace? Go to

Also, join Daria’s group…because it is full of awesome, with an awesome center.


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