That Which Remains – We Love Roleplay

She stood, with her legs at awkward angles, atop the broken piece of wall. Bare feet clung to the rough surface which was an echo of the rough, dry, and destroyed city that surrounded her.

Even as she climbed, her movements were fluid. Even as her bare feet clung to the rough surface, there was an elegant ease about her. Her skin was so fair it seemed to emanate a light within, traces of dirt refused to mar the smooth surfaces of her body which were painfully exposed. But pain did not reflect on the stoic features of her face, even as broken bits of rock stung the soft soles of her feet, even as the wind whipped at her hair, and washed her over with the tiny bits of rock it dismantled from the remains of buildings. The wind now shaped this land, the land humans had forsaken.

She had climbed to this spot to survey the remains of the city. The dark tower was still too ominously close behind her, and she feared its presence even if she knew it was vacant. In the face of all the destruction, the mere presence of the tower called out to her, beckoned her to return to hide from the loss that was her home. But she could not return to the tower, no matter how sweetly its darkness called. She realized as she looked out at the ruins, that she was one of them. She was one of the broken pillars or dead plants. She was part of the dry ground which was swept up by the wind. Like the ruins, she was all that remained.

100616-02 (Edit 3).png

Hello again, bloglings. It is another month and another roleplay inspired post. This month, at We Love Roleplay, Belle Epoque released this lovely silken outfit called Idella. I have seem some people asking for fitted silks, so this may be perfect for you. Unfortunately, they are only fit for Maitreya, but they do offer a few different colors from which you can choose.

100716-09 (Edit 2).png

While I was frolicking (yes, frolicking is my natural method of forward movement) around looking for fitmesh at WLRP, I wandered across this beautiful skin by YS&YS for Catwa heads. I am wearing the VAMP tone, but she has five different fantasy tones for this skin, all of which are absolutely lovely.

This post is a guest posting on the Mesh Body Addicts blog, please see the details there.



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