Steampunk Cyclops – We Love Roleplay & The Treasure Chest

There was a soft whirring as her oculens focused further in the distance, searching the horizon for that goddamn ship. She sighed and jutted her hip out, hands falling helplessly at her sides, in a display of annoyance only the street lamps could see.

The street lamps cast a cold light along the empty dock. Empty because it was late, she thought to herself as she looked around, oculens spinning as it recalibrated itself every time it refocused.

“Shouldn’t have trusted those fuckin’ rovers,” she said with another sigh to the streetlamps. Of course, she was a rover. But self-hatred is strangely comfortable place to be.

Glancing back over the horizon, her oculens refocused again with that patent whirring that she no longer even noticed, and she finally caught a glimpse of a tiny ship. “About goddamn time, unreliable rover bastards are always late.”

101616-03 (Edit 3).png

Hello, Bloglings! Soooo…at WLRP Wicca’s Wardrobe released this amazing Samara outfit. It comes with this top, two bottoms options (not shown here), and the arm jewelry. It is such a great deal for such badassery!

Also, a new subscription box has arrived! As you may know by my previous posts, I love subscription boxes. I like to switch between different boxes in RL and SL. So, this month, I signed up for The Treasure Chest, which had some amazingly beautiful pieces in it. Particularly, this cycloptic scope from Contraption. Everything they make is so highly detailed that even if you didn’t get the box this month, you will want to stop by their store, if you never have before. The website for The Treasure Chest is listed in the credits, in case you want more information to sign up next month.

101716-01 (Edit 1).png

Clickety-click for the credits:

Avatar & Body:

Catwa – Bibi Mesh Head
Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
Pink Fuel – Doll V2
Mandala – Steking Ears Season 5
Exile – Out of the Ruins

Clothing & Accessories:

Wicca’s Wardrobe – Samara Top and Bracelets at We Love Roleplay
ContraptioN – Cycloptic Scope in The Treasure Chest
ISON – Side Lace Bottom Skirt
Yummy – Leather Utility Belt
aii – Mancer’s Mark Tattoo








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