The Divining – We Love Roleplay & The Fantasy Collective

The future is a fragmented and varied thing. It reveals itself only to those with the strength of mind to see it and to understand its ambiguity. She followed the fragments like veined roads on a map. Some roads were certain and prevalent. It seemed as if all other roads spawned forth from them. Other roads were hidden trails, breaking through the thicket in a forest of uncertainty. One could spend their whole lifetime monitoring these roads, looking for signs and indicators of what may come to pass. It was an exhausting task, the future whirling around her, claiming her, blinding her, and binding her to a time which was not her own. But it was task that was part of her soul and her very being.

122216-02 (Edit 1).png

Hello, bloglings! In case you’ve forgotten, We Love Roleplay is still selling tons of amazing roleplay gear and free Christmas presents. One item being sold by aisling is this beautiful blindfold. It comes with an extra forehead bindhi and a necklace to match. All are included with a color matching HUD for your color indecisiveness (if you’re anything like me anyhow).

The Fantasy Collective just recently opened with a special holiday gacha round. This round includes loot boxes for rares. So, each rare has three items in it. Yay! Three items in one. So, I waited specifically for this event to open because I wanted this shroud by Stitched. It fits really well. I used the no-hair version with the Truth bangs group gift.

122216-03 (Edit 3).png

Clickety-click for the credits:

Avatar & Body:

Catwa – Bibi Head
Maitreya – Lara mesh Body
Izzie’s – Brooke Wounded Angel in Frost
Truth – Bangs Swept Right (VIP Group Gift)

Clothing & Accessories:

aisling – Viasari Blindfold at We Love Roleplay
Just Because – Elise Maxi Skirt
Stitched – Bandit Scarf in Balck at The Fantasy Collective
Storybook – Arcanum Light Air at The Fantasy Collective
The Forge – Braided Belt in Black (Old Gacha)
Cole’s Corner – Ice Queen Aura and Wisps
Cole’s Corner – Soul Reaper Hand Ward
(attached to spine and moved into palce with the staff, to make it look like it is glowing)

Poses & Props:

Pixicat – Spellbook in Simple
Pixicat – Flying Paper
Eternal Dreams – Dark Elf 06 (Old Gacha)

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