Brazen – We Love Roleplay and Fantasy Gacha Carnival

They are a rare sight to behold and only glimpsed by the most fastidious watcher. Little fire sprites dance on the edges of flame; they dance for the flames, conjuring them forth, drawing them out, beckoning them to spread, and flicker, and consume. We humans, we don’t understand. We blame the fire sprites for destroying villages and forests. We cast criticism and curse their flickering souls under out breath when we lose our home or a field. But we humans are short sighted. We easily forget the warmth on a winter’s night beside the hearth. We forget the regrowth that a forest fire permits of nature. We forget the nourishment of cooked meat or stew. We forget the forge which blazes forth and tempers our blades for defense. We curse the fire sprites, though their nature is neither good nor bad. They simply are.

021517-04 (Edit 3).png

Bloglings, I hope you didn’t forget that We Love Roleplay is still happening. At the event is this lovely new silken sash with panties from Caboodle. It comes with fits for Maitreya, SLink’s Physique and Hourglass, and Belleza’s Freya – and it fits beautifully. Another really fun event right now is Fantasy Gacha Carnival. I have been trying to play less because my budget simply cannot afford gachas, but I NEEDED these flames from Cole’s Corner. The flames are so beautifully done and look amazing in-world. Then, I popped an extra set on my head to make my hair flaming also! They come with a this fiery version and also an icy blue version.

Cole's Corner - Eternal Flame

Clickety-click for the credits:

Avatar & Body:

Catwa – Catya Mesh Head
Catwa – Catya Rigged Eyes
Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body and Feet
Vista – Bento ProHand
alterego – Dionne in Hellion (Store closed.)
Swallow – Ears Elf HD
DeeTaleZ – Witch Eye Appliers in Black
Zibska – Speckles
ARISE – Crackling Mask
the Skinnery – Passoin Lipstick
Clawtooth – Poseidon’s Gal in Valentine

Clothing & Accessories:

Cole’s Corner – Eternal Flaming Palms (Rare) at Fantasy Gacha Carnival
(I used a second set and attached them to my head for the flaming hair.)
Caboodle – Draped Sash in Black at We Love Roleplay
Caboodle – Draped Underwear in Black at We Love Roleplay
aisling – Nura Collar
Poses & Props:

D.Luxx Poses – The Wedding Collection

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