The Contemplation of Oberon – We Love Roleplay

062617-02 (Edit 1).png

Hello, bloglings! I forced my best friend Orion Pastorelli to pose for me, because this PFC tunic at We Love Roleplay is amazing. It comes in both a male and female version and for multiple bodies. It lays and fits beautifully on his Belleza body. And it comes with a color change HUD to suit your indecisive nature.

Make sure to pop on over today before this round ends to snatch up your discount!

Clickety-click for the credits:


Avatar & Body:

Catwa – Daniel Mesh Head
Belleza – Jake Mesh Body
Bold & Beauty – Homme Paul
Unorthodox – Odell hair in Noir
Swallow – Elf Ears HD

Clothing & Avatar:

Pucca Firecaster – Caesar Skirt and Stole at We Love Roleplay
Caverna Obscura – Daisies Wreath

Pose & Location:

Posed from AO
Shaula Kingdom






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