Deep Blues – Voluptas Virtualis at Romp

There are lies told on the surface. They tell stories to their children about our desire for legs and land and sun and the heavy weight of gravity upon our shoulders. It seems impossible for humans to comprehend anyone not wishing to be as they are. But the remnants of the sun dwellers find their way to our depths. Their filth is invasive, oozing along the surface, and collecting along the shorelines. It is the remnants of their lives that strangle our plants and stifle our wildlife. This casual defilement defines who they are as a people and civilization. It is not something we revere, but despise. We don’t have to tell our children lies of the sun dwellers to fill them with pride. Instead, we take them with us when we pick the rubbish out of our coral reefs.


Clickety-click for the credits:

Avatar & Body:

Catwa – Catya Mesh Head
Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
Pink Fuel – Doll V2
Cynefin – Lorelei Bento Mermaid Tail
EVolved Creatures – Mer Membranes
SlackGirl – Faye Makeup
Tableau Vivant – Tempest Hair (Gacha)

Clothing & Accessories:

Voluptas Virtualis – Rana at Romp
aisling – Jaina Style 1
RealEvil – Amira Arm Bracelet in Turquoise (Common Gacha)
AvaWay – Rianna Panja Bracelet and Ring
Lumae – Pearl Head Chain (Old Gift)


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