I was made for another planet. – A&Y at Neo Japan

It was that retro-rebelliousness sponsored by corporate entities which was so popular on the runways of New Japan. She was made for it. Not because she was retro, or even rebellious. Corporations didn’t sponsor actual dissidents. By making rebellion fashionable, they took away its power. It was an underhanded tactic that worked surprisingly well. When housewives shave their own heads for the sake of fashion, a malcontent looks surprisingly mainstream.
I was made for another planet, but I lost my way.

Hello, bloglings! A&Y released some new scifi awesomeness with this cape at Neo Japan. Pop on over and grab it, but only if you want to look this badass.

Clickety-click for the credits:

Avatar & Body:

Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
Catwa – Catya Mesh Head
Pink Fuel – Doll V2 Skin
Clemmm – Voir Tattoo @ Neo Japan
Beausy – Death Hawke
Aeros – Elven Ears

Clothing & Accessories:

A&Y – Electra Cyber Bra
A&Y – Electra Cyber Legwarmer
A&Y – Electra Cyber Panties
A&Y – Flash Cyber Coat @ Neo Japan

Poses & Props:

Pose: FoxCity
The Bearded Guy – Natsukashii Backdrop @ Neo Japan

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