Blogs I <3

A curated list of my favorite blogs from fashion and decor to quality information and tutorials and SecondLife destinations.

A Passion for Virtual Fashion by Harper Beresford – Harper’s blog is elegant and understated. Clear photos and nice detail compilations are always provided, as well as lovely face shots (to view those skins!). I also love the quotes she uses.

All the Rage! by Lilo Denimore – Lilo is prolific in her scope. It is amazing to me how beautiful her photography is and how much attention to detail she provides in each of her stylings and, yet, how often she is capable of posting. If you’re lucky, you’ll even stumble upon one of her decor posts.

Another Damn SL Blog by Evion Ember – Evion’s photography is so soft and pretty and her stylings are always lovely, whether they are formal, casual, or intimate.

The Blogging Elf – My favorite red-headed elf in medieval fantasy fashion. She captures lovely photos and if you’re lucky you’ll catch a modern or sci-fi post periodically. However, her focus is narrow, and I like that!

Carol’s Style by Carol Sautereau – Always casual and always beautiful. I have admired Carol’s blog since before I became a blogger myself. The photos are so light and beautiful, and her stylings are very natural and real.

Carthalis by Carthalis Rossini – Diverse male fashion blog with nicely rendered photos. Includes both fantasy and contemporary fashion stylings.

Casa de Val by Valena Vacano – Extra cute decor blog featuring clean, clear images and a cohesive style.

Clary Style by Clarysa Damiano – Clarysa’s photos are stunning. Her play of light and shadows without underexposure is an ability of which I am completely and utterly jealous. Her styling are a combination of both fashion and decor and are beautifully executed.

Cora Pomilio – Cora has such a cute style, but it isn’t just the style of a single post. Her whole blog reflects her cohesive but diverse sense of cuteness.

Daniel Voyager’s Blog – Apparently, things happen in SL other than shopping events? These are the type of events Daniel discusses in his blog. He also covers technology and updated from SecondLife and other Linden news.

Decorating and Other Stuff by Samantha Hellman – A very pretty decor blog with lovely images that play with light and shadow.

Fantasy Fashions by Sorcha Irelund- Beautiful blog with fantastical photos and fashions.

Flirting with Fashion by Lauren Minuet – Cute and casual styles in beautifully rendered and detailed photographs.

haha. . . die by Emilianamarie, Wendy Lefko, Deanna Dumpling –  Casually realistic style, lovely photos, and interesting detail shots. Beautiful blog collaboration.

Kidman’s Palette by Kidman Latte – I love Kidman’s easy style. It is elegant but simple. Her photos are clear, and she provides nice detail shots as well.

Heroin Chic by Vo Pralou – Contemporary male fashion blog with interesting and creative photography.

Hikaru Enimo – Primarily a contemporary male fashion blog with stunning imagery.

Honour’s Post Menapausal View of SecondLife by Honour McMillan – Honour takes lovely photos around the grid and provides tons of information on sims opening and closing. She also likes to discuss technology issues and other things related to SecondLife. Lots of information and great posts with  lovely photos.

How Neva Sees It by Neva Crystall – Neva’s calls her work “lived-in contemporary,” which si a perfect description. However, it is much more than that. While her posts are primarily dcor posts, there is some fashion as well. And her images are so beautiful, I find it difficult to believe they’re rendered in SL (but they are! I’ve been to her sims).

Inspire Your Look by NatiWilliams – Cute and pretty with bright and soft photos, a realy lovely blog.

It All Starts with a Smile by Kaelyn Alecto – Diverse blog posts featuring fashion and decor. Lovely photos.

Juicy Bomb by Gogolita – Apparently controversial (who knew?), but always adorable and usually in pink.

Luna Jubilee – Luna is adorable, sexy, and quite often topless. Need I say more?

Miaa Rebane – Simple, beautiful, and striking imagery with beautiful stylings.

Mrs. Bombastic by Adriana Bombastic – Chic and beautifully stylings. I am never quite sure how people are able to style multiple avatars at once and make it all look so cohesive. They must be magical creatures!

Nevamind by Neva Seljan – One of my favoritest blogs of all time (so good, it fucks with my ability to speak English properly). Every style she creates is so unique and yet so very Neva. And I am always amazed at the diversity and range of her avatars.

Nunox by Jikiro Silverblade – I am always impressed by Jikiro’s photography and fantastical stylings.

Pinned & Mounted by Mavi Beck – With beautiful imagery as this, nothing else is needed.

Prim Game Proper by Journey Lorakeet – Absolutely gorgeous posts that feature both fashion and decor.

Running in Heels by Lelu Anatine – Lovely images and cute sense of fashion that is both casual and oftent times sexy.

Second Spaces by Elle Kirshner – Beautiful decor blog by a designer, with clear, bright, and pretty imagery.

Strawberry Singh – If ever there were an SL celebrity, Strawberry is it. She has gorgeous posts. Her portraiture and style is something to which I can only aspire. And she has tons of tutorial and help guides to boot.

Styling Scrapbook by Takeshi Ugajin – Diverse male fashion blog with clean and interesting imagery. Features mostly contemporary fashion with a dash of fantasy/roleplay fashion.

Swaggor – An excellent fantasy fashion blog which features both female and male stylings. A little bit of Gor and Roleplay for the fantastically fashion addicted.

Vida Con Style by Vida Lyric – Super fun and cute fashion stylings with lovely photography and multiple views for each post. Lovely!

Ziki’s Blog by Ziki Questi – Pretty much the most epic destination blog in existence. She takes beautiful photos all over the grid for our traveling/exploring pleasure.



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