Wanderess – Wrapping up We Love Roleplay

“She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and to no city.”
― Roman Payne, The Wanderess

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Hello, Bloglings! Took me a little longer than I had hoped to get this post posted. I’m sorry about that. RL steals me away periodically. But here we are! WLRP is ending soon, and if you haven’t been you need to get over there quickly. This round ends on the 31st. However, I really hope you didn’t miss this Marauder outfit from Moon Elixir. It is so beautifully made. Make sure to get all the pieces because they work so beautifully together. The belt comes with an un-rigged version just in case you’d like to pop it on another outfit.

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Adorned. – Swallow at Cosmopolitan, Insol at Uber


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Hello, bloglings! Just a quick post to show you this beautiful bindi by Swallow at Cosmopolitan Showroom. It comes with six metal colors and five gem colors. You can also wear it with or without the eyebrow pieces. Jump by there very quickly, this round ends on the 31st. While you’re hopping about, you might as well stop by Uber. Insol has released this gorgeous skin for Catwa with a shape for Catya. Look at those beautiful lips!

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Reverence. – Swan and Tres Chic


A friend asked me if I would look at the work of Swan and see if I might enjoy blogging it. They are delicate, pretty pieces. When making the post, I feared two things. The first was misunderstanding the obvious cultural meanings  of the symbolism and, therefore, not treating it with the respect it deserves. The second was the fear of losing it in the photo, because it is so delicate.

Also, at the same time I’m trying to decide how to present the bindhi (and reading through Wiki articles on the Ohm symbol), I found this gorgeous new skin released from Milan at Tres Chic. It is a Fiore applier, and is absolutely stunning. Credits after the cut, bloglings.


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Dark Magic – Enchantment opens at noon!


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Hello, bloglings! Enchantment is opening with another round at noon SLT today! This round’s theme is Hansel and Gretel. Magma released this beautiful fantasy set with a vest and panty. They are unrigged, so you’ll need to adjust them to fit your meshiness. Also at this round, is this amazing giant decor book from 3rd Eye. It is absolutely stunning in its detail. This round closes on November 30th, so frolic your way over there before you miss out.. ❤

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Demon – We Love Roleplay

“Do you really want to know where we come from?” she said. “In every century, in every country, they’ll call us something different. They’ll say we’re ghosts, angels, demons, elemental spirits, and giving us a name doesn’t help anybody. When did a name change what someone is?”
― Brenna Yovanoff, The Replacement

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Hello, bloglings. Just a lil more skin lovin’ from alterego at WLRP. Don’t forget to pick these up, they’re so rich and beautiful. While you’re there, picking up the beautiful skins, don’t forget this bodysuit from Pixicat to add a lil vavavoom. Be sure to stop by soon, this round ends on the 31st!

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Steampunk Cyclops – We Love Roleplay & The Treasure Chest

There was a soft whirring as her oculens focused further in the distance, searching the horizon for that goddamn ship. She sighed and jutted her hip out, hands falling helplessly at her sides, in a display of annoyance only the street lamps could see.

The street lamps cast a cold light along the empty dock. Empty because it was late, she thought to herself as she looked around, oculens spinning as it recalibrated itself every time it refocused.

“Shouldn’t have trusted those fuckin’ rovers,” she said with another sigh to the streetlamps. Of course, she was a rover. But self-hatred is strangely comfortable place to be.

Glancing back over the horizon, her oculens refocused again with that patent whirring that she no longer even noticed, and she finally caught a glimpse of a tiny ship. “About goddamn time, unreliable rover bastards are always late.”

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Hello, Bloglings! Soooo…at WLRP Wicca’s Wardrobe released this amazing Samara outfit. It comes with this top, two bottoms options (not shown here), and the arm jewelry. It is such a great deal for such badassery!

Also, a new subscription box has arrived! As you may know by my previous posts, I love subscription boxes. I like to switch between different boxes in RL and SL. So, this month, I signed up for The Treasure Chest, which had some amazingly beautiful pieces in it. Particularly, this cycloptic scope from Contraption. Everything they make is so highly detailed that even if you didn’t get the box this month, you will want to stop by their store, if you never have before. The website for The Treasure Chest is listed in the credits, in case you want more information to sign up next month.

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