Deep Blues – Voluptas Virtualis at Romp

There are lies told on the surface. They tell stories to their children about our desire for legs and land and sun and the heavy weight of gravity upon our shoulders. It seems impossible for humans to comprehend anyone not wishing to be as they are. But the remnants of the sun dwellers find their way to our depths. Their filth is invasive, oozing along the surface, and collecting along the shorelines. It is the remnants of their lives that strangle our plants and stifle our wildlife. This casual defilement defines who they are as a people and civilization. It is not something we revere, but despise. We don’t have to tell our children lies of the sun dwellers to fill them with pride. Instead, we take them with us when we pick the rubbish out of our coral reefs.


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Romance is dead. – Voluptas Virtualis at Blush

Words slip passed torn lips like poison, difficult to swallow but sweet on the tongue. Lie to me. I will pretend to be insipid and oblivious, feign distraction and misunderstanding to maintain this ruse. Let’s build a fantasy out of crumbling bricks and sandy mortar.

Romance is Dead.

Voluptas Virtualis is doing what they do best again, with this beautiful corset they released at Blush. Blush is a new event focusing on flirty, pretty, soft things, which is a palette I love. However, because of all the options available on this corset in the Fatpack, you can wear it will many styles. Now, Blush is ending on August 28th, so rush on over to pick up this lovely corset while it is there.

voluptas virtualis lise corset hud.png

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It’s complicated. – Voluptas Virtualis at Fetish Fair


Je connais mes limites. C’est pourquoi je vais au-delâ. ~ Serge Gainsbourg

073117-02 (Edit ).png

Hello, bloglings! I am really excited to bring you news from Voluptas Virtualis at Fetish Fair. It is a gorgeously detailed corset, strung in the most beautifully complicated and impractical manner. I always recommend the Fatpacks with this store, because they just have so many damned options! You can choose from three different textures (leather, latex, and snakeskin) and about a bajillion colors. See the Fatpack HUD below, then clickety-click for the credits:

Anita HUD.png

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Talk is cheap. – Voluptas Virtualis in Bound Box

Think of me as the shore, dry and crumbling, waiting for the quenching water which lashes at me with its salty tongue. Your words are cheap, but the sting of my wounds burns brightly along your shimmering waves which wax and wane across my cracked flesh.

Talk is cheap.

Hello, bloglings! Voluptas Virtualis released this gorgeous leather harness and mask in the first release of the Bound Box. Bound Box is a new subscription box specifically created for kinksters. You can visit the Bound Box website to view the terms of this specific box. It is a really fun box with some amazing creators.  I also previously wrote a rant about my love of subscription boxes here.  So, if you missed this box (and this beautiful harness) you can buy the box at a higher price. Also! Don’t forget to subscribe next round.

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Veneration. – We Love Roleplay


Bloglings! I hope you didn’t forget that WLRP is out for another great round this month. Vibes, a new-to-me store, released this really lovely draping dress complete with arm and leg wraps. Make sure to pick it up at the event to get your discount before it closes!

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Resort life. – Aisling at Liaison Collaborative

Resort life.

Hello, bloglings! The Liaison Collaborative opened and Voluptas Virtualis has some beautiful new releases just waiting for you to snatch them up this month. This bikini bottom with sheer top comes with a very versatile HUD when you get the fatpack, which you should because you know you’re indecisive.

071517-08 (Edit 1).png

They also released this beautiful ring set which comes with seven different color sets to support your color changing madness.

Karen Bento Hands @ TLC

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Cool down. – Summerfest, Hair Fair, and ItGirls

Addicted to exhaustion, sunshine, and saltwater, she gorged herself. Lying there, she soaked up as much as she could until the rotation of the planet forced her into withdrawal.

Cool down.

Hello, Bloglings! We are well into the explosion of Summery goodness that is Summerfest. Dead Dollz released this vibrant wetsuit, which is a fun change from the plethora of bikinis and bathing suits flooding the market (not that I don’t love a beautiful bikini).

Also, while you’re out and about pick up this new skin Lore at the ItGirls main store location (pictured below). It is absolutely beautiful and looks stunning with the new Vanity hair at Hair Fair.


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The Contemplation of Oberon – We Love Roleplay

062617-02 (Edit 1).png

Hello, bloglings! I forced my best friend Orion Pastorelli to pose for me, because this PFC tunic at We Love Roleplay is amazing. It comes in both a male and female version and for multiple bodies. It lays and fits beautifully on his Belleza body. And it comes with a color change HUD to suit your indecisive nature.

Make sure to pop on over today before this round ends to snatch up your discount!

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Data consumption. – We Love Roleplay

She could feel the data as it streamed in front of her, tickling along her senses, gently sliding across the neuron pathways that sparked in her brain. Sometimes, it felt smooth and cool, gently washing over her. Other times, it was caustic and chaotic, sparking sensory receptors and firing along her synapses. Its abrasive touch forcing her to clench her fists, tensing her muscles against the shivers that threatened to rack her body.

062517-07 (Edit 1).png

Hello, bloglings! Plastix released this amazing outfit at We Love Roleplay. I love when we get that rare piece that fits really well into the Scifi genre. The HUD on this outfit is amazing and it is extremely well textured (look at those wrinkles on the bodice!). So, pop on over to WLRP before it ends on the 30th to snatch up your discount. ❤

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An Independent Blade. – We Love Roleplay

An independent blade.

Hello, bloglings! I hope you didn’t forget that WLRP is still running until the end of the month. They have some really great things this round which helped me imagine this warrior/assassin character.  I mixed and matched this Meva breastplate armor with these amazing Moon Elixir pants and boots. They look as if they were intended for each other.

062717-02 (Edit 1).png

Also, at this round, is this beautiful skin from YS&YS. It comes in five different colors and with a few different makeup options. This HUD is stuffed full of makeup options. Aaaand speaking of amazing HUDs, these rings from Swallow at Kustom9 are beautiful and versatile and made for bento hands! They come with an amazing HUD with so many otpions. Screenshot of the HUDs to follow:

YS petal hud.png
swallow rings hud.png

In conclusion: New stuff at WLRP to make you look badass and beautiful. Clickety-click for the credits:

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