Goddammit, Fry!

Honestly, nothing new is going on here. This is just me tinkering around on my platform in the sky deciding that I wanted a Leela avatar from Futurama. So, here it is. XD

Goddammit, Fry!

Clickety-click for the deetz, bloglings!

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In the right light, even I have a halo.

In the right light, even I have a halo.

(Photo taken at Toxian City.)

Mandala – Steking Ears
Soedara – Bruised Body
Corvus – Eye Scar
Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands
LeLutka – Sato Hair – IrishRed
Glam Affair – Cleo – America – 03 A
Crash Republic – Gem Eyes – Blue

080214-02 Edit 2Clothes:
Blueberry – Jamie Mesh Tank Top in Black
MIEL – Cargo Skirt – Army
DRD – Worn Combats – Copper
MANDALA – Shamira Dog Tag Necklace in Black
BREACH – MAC-10 Holster
DirtyStories – Boom It! Armband in Real
22769 – Pygar Wings Metal (gacha)
TI – Black Gun Holsters
SISU – Iron Cross
DRD – WW2 Belt


Expressive Poses