LotD 116: Pale

LotD 116

Collabor88, Bloglings! You know you can’t resist it…and why should you? Your wallet may be poorer but your fashion sense will be richer (or something like that). Either way,  you’ll get lots of great things and have fun. So, what isn’t to love?

LotD 116

This skin is the new skin from AUX this round, isn’t it just lovely? I added freckles from CheerNo and some lipgloss from Cheap Makeup…but it is just beautiful. This hair is also new from Tableau Vivant…and the jewelry. What I’m trying to tell you is that this round is loaded with goodies, Bloglings.

LotD 116

Three more reasons to go to Colalbor88 (as if you needed them): adorable new skirt, sleek new pants, and these amazing new shoes from Just Design.

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